Bordetella Shot
Bordetella Shot
   Bordetella Shot | Bordetella Vaccine

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Bordetella Shots

Bordetella shots are amongst the few, universally-prevalent canine immunity shots that are recommended to every pet-owner. Bordetella infection is also called kennel cough since the symptoms resemble a kind of passive coughing has typical, labored breathing patterns. It is usually found among dogs kept in captivity for a long time. Bordetella is a bacterial infection and is easily communicated from one dog to another. Bordetella usually affects a canine's upper and mid-level respiratory system. This disease has no gender or breed-based prevalence and all dogs are equally vulnerable to it. The Bordetella bacteria or the Bordetella bronchiseptica is often the causative agent for serious cases of life-threatening pneumonia among dogs. Bordetella shots are often prescribed when a long vacation or travel plan is being considered by a family. During vacationing and traveling, dogs are often kept in close contact with each other, in kennels or pet-care centers wherein the chances of being infected with Bordetella arise.

However, it isn't too late if you haven't given your dog, timely Bordetella shots since this vaccine has a medicinal role also and it can be used if your dog presents symptoms point towards initial stage of a Bordetella infection. Kennel cough is easy-to-detect since the dog starts coughing, repeatedly. The coughing bouts are separated by a choking-like sound which is actually the sound emanating from a compromised (infected) windpipe. The coughing bouts are often followed by some degree of vomiting. Among some dogs, the symptoms may alleviate themselves and the dog may completely recover within a few days. However, if the symptoms aren't resolved quickly, the infection can take a more drastic proportion and start damaging the respiratory system of the canine.

Consider Bordetella Shots when:

You find the dog being continuously involved in activities that lead to making contact with other dogs.

Your dog suddenly starts coughing wherein the cough may or may not be accompanied by mucus and cannot be resolved with simple, OTC medications recommended by the vet. The cough sounds like something is stuck in the air-passage of the dog. The dog may shake a bit when coughing, as if trying to dislodge what is stuck in the throat.

Pressing in the gentlest manner along the dog's neck leads to a coughing bout.

The coughing carries on for more than ten days and shows no sign of alleviating after taking anti-allergic meds.

The condition worsens even after taking basic medications and other symptoms like nasal dripping and sneezing also surface along with vomiting becoming more recurrent.
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